Sechelt – A Year Round Paradise

Are you a laid back sun worshiper, happy to gather shells on the beach, or a hard charging adventurer eager to take your 4 wheel drive and mountain bike into the backwoods?  Or maybe you’re a little of each.  Sechelt real estate will make you at home no matter what style or combination of styles you prefer.

This magnificent centerpiece of Sunshine Coast real estate is blessed with all the natural features you could ask for.  Our beautiful treed mountains are wonderful to look at from the rugged coastline; or find a mountain overlook for an equally spectacular view of the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island.  The range of possibilities for year round outdoor activity is extraordinary.  With mild winters, warm summers and lots of sunshine, our weather favors whatever you choose.

Try your luck fishing for salmon off the long pier at Davis Bay, view the seals and sea lions wintering off Mission Point or swim in summer’s unusually warm water at the long sandy beach.  Mount Richardson Provincial Park and Sargeant Bay Provincial Park are just two of a number of parks in the area.  Combined, they offer you everything from picnicking and boating to back country skiing, rustic camping to mountain biking and kayaking, fishing to bird watching.  Expect to be delighted.

The Sechelt Council’s goal is to maintain a strong “live, work, play community”.  As the hub of Sunshine Coast real estate this town provides goods and services for its over 9,000 residents as well as surrounding areas.  The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre near downtown showcases interesting programs and the work of local artists. You’ll enjoy the concerts, live theater and first run movies put on by The Raven’s Cry Theater. Have fun or exercise at the Aquatic Center.

Sechelt Real Estate

The communities that make up Sechelt real estate each have their own attractions.  At Sandy Hook you’ll find mainly charming cottage architecture near a sandy waterfront with a children’s park and boat launch.  West Sechelt, set on a large plateau, is predominantly new construction.  West Porpoise Bay and Sunshine Heights are close to the Sechelt Golf and Country Club and the Arena.  The regional airport and Wilson Creek Campground are part of Wilson Creek.

There is much to recommend this “land between two waters” which is the meaning of the name Sechelt.  Do you think a piece of Sechelt real estate may be home to you?  There are many factors to consider in making this important decision.  As Sechelt real estate professionals, we have all the information you need to make the best choice.  Call Bev or John at 1-888-740-7355, or use the form below, to explore the possibilities.

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